Photo by Mike Madison

Listen, we get it. With the whirlwind of opinions surrounding our upcoming election, the idea of voting can sound a lot more like a headache than anything. Here’s the thing though: Voting is really important, and when you’ve been armed with the right information, it can actually be super easy too!

If the process scouring the web to find your polling place, get yourself registered, and educate yourself on your local candidates seems worse than pulling teeth, you should check out WhoWinsMatters.Org. They’re a Minnesota-based organization with a mission to provide 100% unbiased election information to our state’s citizens, regardless of their political affiliations.

Whether you’re a first-time voter who has no idea where to start, or a hardcore political junkie looking to find out deeper stats and info, Who Wins Matters has the tools to serve you. On their clean and easy to use website, you can immidiately get started on determining your voter statusfinding your polling placeregistering to vote, and even get help with absentee voting.

Click here to visit WhoWinsMatters.Org!

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