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In a heartbreaking story that emerged yesterday, music fans are mourning the loss of over 100,000 master recordings lost in a 2008 fire. Kept under wraps for more than a decade, details emerged of “the day the music burned” detailing countless classic albums whose original recording are now gone forever.

One artist whose worked has thankfully against-all-odds been spared in Eminem. According to Em’s then-production team manager Joel Martin, he was skeptical of Universal’s ability to keep all these masters backed up in reliable way, so just to be safe he painstakingly made a digitizing of the tape reels of Em’s early 2000’s classics.

Not as lucky were The Roots. Both Black Thought and ?uestlove have confirmed masters of their second and third albums, Illadelph Halflife and Doyouwantmore? both perished. Unspecified masters of Tupac and Snoop were sadly lost as well.

We’ll update this story as more is revealed.


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