Detroit’s Bad Meets Evil have reunited and it feels so good!

From Royce da 5’9″‘s forthcoming album Book of Ryan, which drops tomorrow, he’s joined by longtime compatriot Eminem for the absolutely refreshing “Caterpillar.” In a slick black-and-white clip directed by James Larese, the two bring out their absolute best.

Let’s be real, Eminem’s disappointed a few of even his most passionate fans/Stans with his recent output, and if you’re cautious but curious about another new Em verse, I promise you this is the single best on-record performance he’s had in a full decade. The syllable-stacking with a precise flow that doesn’t just trample all over the beat, this is Eminem reminded us why his talent has always been an elite level despite any misgivings we may have about his discography.

Thank God this verse exists. Click play, and then wait one more day for this new Royce album that features J. Cole, Logic and more.

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