Eminem’s third major release just turned 15, and we got some interesting news as a result.

It feels like only yesterday that Eminem surprised fans by releasing his 2002 album, The Eminem Show, a week early, causing fans to stampede to music stores in order to hear the highly anticipated follow-up to The Marshall Mathers LP.

What they got was a snapshot of Eminem’s reflections on the peak of his fame and perhaps pop culture’s first major post-9/11 moment. To mark the occasion, Eminem released a special The Eminem Show: Anniversary Capsule today. Boasting a T-shirt, cassette and autographed poster for $250, Eminem also dropped some Eminem Show gems for free.

In an Instagram post, Em revealed that the record’s concept was heavily inspired by the 1998 Jim Carrey film The Truman Show. Citing the parallels between the movie and his own life, Em would go on to say “Basically, Jim Carrey wrote my album.”

Jim Carrey has yet to comment. However, we would like to take this moment to remind you Carrey has some strong rap chops of his own, having parodied Snow on In Living Color and even recording a track with Busta Rhymes for The Grinch.

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