ABC/Randy Holmes

No matter how many diss tracks or comedians’ impressions were made, nothing stopped Eminem‘s tremendous 2018 momentum as Buzz Angle Music reports that nobody in America sold more albums than him.

Considering this was a solid 18 years since his landmark The Marshall Mathers LP, Em’s longevity and relevancy to hip-hop and the current music industry as a whole cannot be questioned at this point. Last year Eminem sold 755,027 albums, over half of which were his latest album Kamikaze, which had no promotion behind its surprise Labor Day weekend release. Take note that that number doesn’t even include streams, of which Kamikaze alone had over 760 million.

Coming up just behind Eminem was South Korean boy band BTS who sold 603,307 albums last year. Does this mean Em’s 2019 endeavors will include resurrecting his old beef with boy bands as a whole?

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