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Detroit icon Eminem sure is angry that nobody liked his last album Revival. So much so, that he’s made an entire music video lashing out at everybody who said an unkind word about it. Behold “The Fall.”

The controversial track featuring Bon Iver‘s Justin Vernon features shots aimed toward everyone from Drake to Tyler, the Creator to the outspoken hip-hop media personalities that didn’t like Eminem’s last album. But he didn’t stop there, and the same rapper who didn’t “give a damn about a Grammy” is now dissing the awards and alternative mainstays Arcade Fire for beating Em’s 2010 album Recovery for Album of the Year with their (objectively superior) 2010 album The Suburbs.

The bare-bones style video here shows how Eminem was able to keep the single and the video completely under wraps.

The question is, does this make you want to revisit Revival?

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