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Are your palms sweaty, knees deep, and arms heavy in anticipation of hitting the gym for your New Years Resolutions?

It looks like Eminem is the soundtrack you need!

A recent study shows that Eminem’s 2002 album cut “Till I Collapse” is the most played workout song of all time.

Yes, the sheer number of workout playlists and listens has been tabulated, and not only has “Till I Collapse” been played more than any other song during workouts, but even in 2018 alone it’s the third most-played workout song of the year behind Drake‘s “God’s Plan” and Cardi B‘s “I Like It”

The second most all time played workout track is “Lose Yourself,” Em’s signature song, which makes it all the more surprising that the Nate Dogg-assisted cut (which was never released as a single OR had a video) has become the go-to workout jam.

The full list of workout song statistics can be found here. Also, while we at Go encourage your 2019 fitness goals, we’d like to inform you that your increasing heartbeat when realizing much of your personal data these companies have does not count as cardio.

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