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Have you noticed that, for the past year of his live performances, Eminem has been wearing a lot of t-shirts? If so, have you noticed they all display the cover of a classic rap album?

Turns out, it’s all intentional!

As revealed in a clip obtained from his most recent overseas tour, the whole recent endeavor of Em bringing his music to his fans in person stems from an effort to encourage a look into hip-hop history! Em explains in the video below:

“This was called the ‘Rapture Tour,’ but originally, it was going to be called the ‘Rap Shirt Tour’ snd I’ma tell you why. There’s a reason I do this every single night on stage,…because hopefully, some of y’all might go buy their albums, might go look em’ up.”

The image above shows Eminem promoting Paris‘ political-rap early 90s classic The Devil Made Me Do It. The video below that the quote is taken from gives props to legendary Juice Crew member Masta Ace‘s Slaughterhouse, as well as Ace’s fellow Juice Crew MC Kool G Rap.

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The new generation must pay attention to this!!!

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