Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz and Andy Hurley swung through the Go Garage for an exclusive Q & A session ahead of their recent Xcel Energy Center show, and their fans wasted no time in plying their favorite rockers for info. 

Watch the whole clip above and read the transcript below to hear about how Pete’s kids affect his songwriting, and where they stand on the whole “Duck Duck Grey Duck” controversy!

Interview Transcript

Dana: So, the tour just started…

Pete: It did…I knew the answer to that one!

Dana: So your tour started in Cleveland the other night, what was it, Friday? How have things been going so far?

Pete: Well, there’s a lot of moving parts for this tour. The honest truth is that we load an entire stage in, and then another stage in, and then a third stage in, and we’ve had longer drives, so it’s been taking us a little bit of time. I don’t know, it just didn’t work yesterday [laughs]. You know the point where you’re like “I’m supposed to be flying, and instead I’m stuck in the air on the wires?” It was kind of like that moment, you know?

Giselle: So you had to do a little tapdancing?

Pete: Yeah, nothing looks good when you’re get stuck in that situation [laughs]. I mean, the show ended up fun and people were really forgiving of that.

Andy: Yeah, I mean, the show was great, but for us, we want it to be the best show every night, and when it’s not we’re hard on ourselves.

Dana: That’s what I really respect, you guys want to put out the best product possible, you’re not just out there going through the motions like “Here’s ‘Sugar We’re Going Down”…

Pete: Not this early in the tour, anyways [laughs]

Andy: We get the showtime pizza box later on [laughs]

Giselle: You guys have been doing this for so, so, so long, and keeping it fresh too. What do you think is one of the things that you finally mastered, or one of the lessons that you’ve learned?

Pete: I feel like you googled “What’s a nice way to ask ‘How does it feel to be old’” last night. [laughs]

Giselle: But I’ve been listening to you since the beginning too! So I guess that means I’m an old too! [laughs]

Pete: I think the thing that’s the wildest for us is when we pick our set list now…because you’re playing to an arena so you want to play stuff that everybody wants to hear, but we just gotta pick from a lot of stuff now. So it’s kind of fun, but at the same time it’s kind of anxiety-inducing. Because whatever your favorite band is, for me that’s Metallica, your entry point to it is the thing. So for me, I like the Black Album but other people might like the speed metal era, or whatever. So we’re trying to please everybody but also realize that we don’t work at Burger King. I just meant that in the “Have it your way” slogan, trust me, I could not work at Burger King, I could not put it together.

Giselle: Is there a song that you get sick of singing, or a song that you wish you could have brought back that maybe didn’t make it this time?

Pete: “Despacito.” [laughs]

Giselle: That would be awesome, if you put your own spin on it, that would be amazing.

Dana: Isn’t it interesting though, I mean, you look out at the crowd and…like, I was a teenager when I first saw Fall Out Boy, and now there’s teenagers seeing Fall Out Boy for the first time. Is that cool for you guys? I mean, you’re not just a legacy act at this point, there’s still new fans, like everybody out here that’s seeing y’all for the first time, that’s gotta be kind of cool, right?

Pete: Yeah…it’s pretty wild. [laughs] I’m like “Well, maybe we are in a simulation.” Because it came up again, and there’s teenagers and we’re at the pop radio stations and I’m like “Wait, maybe we got stuck in a loop by accident.” [laughs]

Giselle: Well, you have kids of your own now too, are they ever a critic of your music? Do they listen, and do they ever have an influence on your music like “No Dad, that sucks.”?

Pete: My eight year-old, he listens and he’s really good for…with eight year-olds you can really tell what will be like, a smash song or a non-smash song. The nuances aren’t there, but on the big level you can definitely tell. Like, he loved this song that we just put out, “The Last of the Real Ones,” and I was like “OK, this is the one,” because I played like, ten songs for him and that was the one that stuck out. He wants to be Andy Hurley though.

Andy: Oh yeah, his favorite part of the show is me. [laughs]

Dana: Does he have a kit? Have you given him lessons Andy?

Pete: He has a practice kit at home, one of the not crazy ones.

Giselle: I was gonna say, I feel like that’s one of those instruments that as a parent and as a musician you really want them to learn, but you’re also listening to it like “Oh no this sounds awful.”

Pete: I’m trying to turn him into Serena Williams, so I have like, a tennis racket taped to his hands. I’m looking to retire early [laughs].

Audience Questions Portion:

Dana: This is from Marissa and Julia in Eagan: “When did you realize that you were famous?”

Pete: Well, fame’s like, a goofy thing, so…When we first really crossed onto TRL, we were on Warped Tour at the same time that summer, and I remember it just happened. We got off our bus, and we would just be these scummy punk rock guys just brushing our teeth on the side of the bus, and all of a sudden there was people there. But it’s a funny kind of… I don’t know, we’re pretty goofy, we’re not a put-together band, you know?

Dana: Was Cason nice though?

Pete: Carson Daly? Yeah, Carson was extremely nice [laughs].

Giselle: Has there ever been a celebrity fan of yours that really surprised you?

Pete: Okay, well, I don’t even know if we have any celebrity fans, but I owned this bar in New York City. The opening night that we had people there, James Gandolfini went to the restaurant next door, so we used his photograph and said that he went to the bar [laughs].

Dana: Another one from Diana, Pete, she wants to know what your favorite tattoo is? Of yours or Andy’s?

Pete: On Andy huh?
Andy: [sassily] Well, they didn’t ask me!

Pete: On Andy, I like the unfinished one on your neck because we were talking about it the other day, and about whether or not you were going to finish it. I like your ‘Mom’ one as well.

Dana: Wait, you have a mom tattoo?

Andy: Yeah, it’s right here.

Dana: Was that your first?

Andy: Mmmhmm

Giselle: Awwwww

Pete: Shoutout to Andy’s mom! Is it weird that I got that tattoo for her too? [laughs]

Dana: Is it weird weird that I’m going to get one later? [laughs]

Giselle: Okay, Andy, what’s your favorite tattoo of Pete’s then?

Pete: I don’t know if he knows any…

Andy: [mischievously] Yeah I do… [laughs] Uh…I don’t know…that one here. The Studio Ghibli one.

Dana: Alright, Here’s a big controversy in Minneapolis right now: Is it “Duck Duck Goose” or “Duck Duck Gray Duck”?

Giselle: That one was from Amy in Minneapolis

Pete: [perplexed] I don’t think I even know this…

Dana: Did you ever play the game “Duck Duck Gray Duck” growing up?

Pete: I know Duck Duck Goose…

[Crowd voices displeasure]

Pete: Is that a thing? Do you guys say “Pantsed” or “De-pantsed?” 

Dana and Giselle: Pantsed.

Pete: Right, there’s like, a small fraction of America that says “De-pantsed.” It’s pretty bizarre.

Dana: Do you guys drink out of “water fountains” or “bubblers?”

Andy: Bubblers.

Dana: Awwww Wisconsin guy over here! Unbeliveable!

Giselle: What do you call a Coca Cola?

Pete: Coke. Or, I call it a soda actually.

Andy: Yeah, I say soda.

Pete: But I’m supposed to call it pop, right?

Giselle: Eh, we call it pop.

Pete: Okay, got it, we’ve kind of got common ground there.

Giselle: Kenzie from Minneapolis wanted to know: What’s your current musical inspiration?

Pete: I love…uh…

Andy: Poppy! I love Poppy. My lady saw Poppy last night.

Pete: Oh yeah, Poppy is great. Great Instagram too. Yeah, if you’re not aware, you should check out Poppy. It’s like this bizarre…it’s an experiment, kind of. You’ve gotta got to the Instagram.

Dana: Do I need to be on drugs to enjoy it?

Pete: It might help. [laughs]

Pete: I like Jaden Smith a lot, he’s on tour with us, actually. He’s just a really creative, cool guy.

Dana: Let me ask you this: In the late ‘90s, when you were watching Independence Day or Bad Boys, did you ever think “I’m gonna go on tour with that guy’s son?” [laughs]

Pete: I predicted his birth, yes. [laughs]

Dana: This one is from Brooke in Edina, “Is there any song of yours that you were surprised when it became popular?”

Pete: I mean, they’re all kind of surprising, right? I think any time that we bring a song like…”Sugar” was insane because it had really heavy guitars, when we recorded “Arms Race,” our record label was like “This is the end of your career on the radio.”

Dana: Was it?

Pete: It was not, but when you’re like, 22, it feels like it when a guy like that tells you it. But “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark” had like, a hair metal scream on it, which was so insane. “Uma” has this weird sample in it, they’re all like, weird. I think to me, “Last of the Real Ones” is a weird one because it’s like, not a single, the video is really just something I shot with my buddy in the desert, so any reaction to that feels really authentic, which is cool.

Giselle: What’s your favorite song on the current album [ M A N I A ]?

[Baby giggles in audience]

Dana: That one? [laughs]

Giselle: That’s Brody McFly, the official Go 96.3 baby. His name is actually Brody McFly.

Pete: Nice, that’s awesome.

Andy: Very cool.

Pete: I think it’s the one we’re going to release called “Expensive Mistakes,” we’ve been playing that one live and that one’s fun to play.

Dana: How many songs are you playing off of the new album on the tour?

Pete: We play four songs off of it.

Dana: Are people excited about the new stuff?

Pete: I think so, I think it’s really hard to tell in a vertically shot video on YouTube whether you like a song or not, but things have been good so far I guess. Shoot it horizontally, please. [laughs]

Dana: Is that weird though? Because usually you put out the new music, people get a taste, and then you do the shows, but now it’s a little bit backward because the album got delayed.

Pete: Honestly, it’s a weird one because we were the ones that decided to push the record back, so like, it’s all at our discretion. So we decided that we wanted to play a song live, because I know that we had people waiting, so we wanted to do some stuff, kind of as a thank you for waiting. So yeah, it’s weird, but whatever [laughs].

Giselle: It’s cool to know that we live in an age where you can push new music, even before the album comes out, so people can get a feel for it and get a taste for it. Is there anything that you’re particularly excited about when it comes to social media, or anything you’re totally sick of?

Pete: I mean, social media is pretty weird in the creative process, in the way that like…Can you imagine if when The Beatles put out Sgt. Pepper’s, people were like “I fuckin’ hate this band, I’m no longer a Beatles fan,” if they had the access to it? It’s interesting, because an artist you’ve gotta take the temperature, and listen to what people think and what people feel but you can’t really let it dictate your art. You have to make things that are uncomfortable and push the boundaries a little bit, ya know? For us, every record cycle people ask “Why doesn’t it sound like the last one?” And I’m just like “Well, when we put out the next one, I’m pretty sure that you’re going to ask that.” So, we try to push it, but sometimes you’re wrong, and sometimes you try to do things that push it too far, and you’re like Michael J. Fox playing the solo in Back to the Future, like “We’re not quite ready for this!” [laughs].

[Crowd doesn’t react]

Pete: Uh…it’s a movie…[laughs]

Giselle: I guess our age is showing [laughs]

Giselle: Lizzie wants to know, “What career would you guys be doing if not this?”

Andy: I don’t know…

Pete: Me and Andy played in a lot of bands together before this band, maybe we’d be playing in like, some band.

Dana: Just some cover band somewhere?

Andy: Yeah probably just some crappy band. [laughs]

Giselle: Is there anything behind the purple? It’s all over lately…

Pete: So, since our record Take This to the Grave, we’ve done blue color palettes or red color palettes for the next record, like blue, red, blue, red, and so we always kind of said that if we found the right left turn, we’d do a purple album, and we finally did!

Dana: So, there’s this twitter account that’s been DMing me like crazy wanting to know if you guys have heard about the Mania Movement, where they put like 10,000 of these little purple things, and there’s a certain song that they have their flashlights held up for. Do you know about that?

Pete: Yeah, I think we’re under the stage for that song, but I saw pictures of it and it’s cool that people are doing that. It’s really awesome.

Dana: I guess they’re going to be in St. Paul tonight for the show.

Pete: Thank you for doing that!

Dana: Alright, well, do you guys want to take some pictures with Fall Out Boy?

[Crowd goes nuts]

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