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On Friday, November 20th, both Go 95.3 and Go 96.3 will take part in the Feeding Minnesota Emergency Radiothon to raise money for Second Harvest Heartland. It will take place from 8AM – 8PM.12.3% of all Americans go hungry. An average person knows 600 people, which means 74 people you know go hungry. It could be your coworker, your hairstylist or even a family member.

To get your request on Anything goes text us your receipt to us at (651) 989-9595 for Go 95.3 the Modern Hip Hop Channel with Auggie 5000 and Dj Bonics or (651) 989-9696 for Go 96.3 the Modern Alternative Channel with Reed and Zeke on Go 96.3 and they will play any song for you because ANYTHING GOES!

If you want to hear “Achy Breaky Heart” by Billy Ray Cyrus on the modern hip-hop channel, you got it! If you’d like to hear “California Love” by Dr. Dre on the modern alternative channel, we’ll do that too!

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