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The Twin Cities are buzzing today, celebrating the 50th anniversary of our music scene’s mothership First Avenue. In celebration of tonight, when both Go 95.3 & Go 96.3 will be playing blocks of local music, we asked some of your favorite Go DJs to share their favorite First Avenue memories!

Auggie 5000 – Me and Post Malone went to the shooting range before his show [at First Avenue]. He had so much fun that he ended up being late to his meet and greet. But my favorite part of this whole thing was being in the garage and seeing where Prince used to park. It was the only time I ever got to be back there. I was really excited to be where Prince had parked.

Dana – It’s hard to pick just one favorite memory from an iconic place like First Ave. Each time I walk into that building it still feels so special, just imagining all the history that stage and that building has seen.

However, if I had to pick, I say my personal favorite memory came back in 2011. I was there for an Andrew WK show celebrating the 10th anniversary of the I Get Wet album. As you can imagine with Mr. WK, it was one hell of a party.

He closed the show with “Party Hard” and everyone was going nuts. A bunch of gorgeous women near me rushed the stage. Me, not being a gorgeous women, but someone who knows an opportunity when he sees one, just followed them up there. Next thing I know I’m standing on stage – the iconic First Ave stage! – right beside Andrew as he finished “Party Hard.” He slammed his mic, turned to the person closest to him, which just so happened to be me, and wrapped me in the sweatiest, smelliest, most amazing bear hug ever.

After the show I was joking with my friends. “Yeah, all the legends have been up on that stage. Prince, Nirvana, Pearl Jam…Dana Wessel.”

DJ Bonics – Got to play a sold out First Ave with Wiz in 2010 with Yelawolf. Who knew I would be living here almost 10 years later?

Lisa Moy – Hosting The Klituation.

Chaz Kangas – I was living in New York City at the time, but was in Minneapolis in the summer of 2007 and entered the Twin Cities Celebration of Hip-Hop rap battle. About 40 MCs total entered the pre-lim rounds at The Dinkytowner, with the final 8 facing off at First Avenue. Winning it in the finals on that First Avenue stage is one of my favorite memories, but as sweet as it is to have that trophy and walk away victorious, my favorite memory comes from the quarterfinals with my first time on that stage and not being able to hide my huge smile.

DJ D.Mil – My favorite moments at First Avenue include seeing Ice Cube when I was teenager, the Rhyme Sayers original “Sound Set” parties in the Main Room, The Sp Style Children of the Snow release party in the Main Room, and actually DJing for KRS-ONE live during his First Avenue performance, mind blowing all the hip hop and music moments shared in this space!

Twin City Tone – My favorite First Avenue memory was when I recently did an episode of The Twin City Tone Podcast backstage with up and coming artist Big Havi, right before he hit the stage and performed for a sold-out crowd.

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