This Saturday, Go 96.3’s Reed, Jordan and Giselle Ugarte will be taking part in a classic drinking game from their college days, except this time, it’s for a good cause!

Local dog rescue organizations Secondhand Hounds and Grey Face Rescue and Retirement are hosting their second annual Flipping Cups For Pups tournament on Saturday at St. Paul’s Summit Brewing. Teams of four will compete in the classic drinking game Flip Cup, with all of the proceeds going to help rescue dogs in Minnesota find forever homes.

Giselle Ugarte from Go 96.3’s Morning Show will be hosting the event, while Reed and Jordan will be putting their skillz on the line for Team Go Radio. 50% of Summit’s taproom sales will also be donated to Secondhand Hounds and Gray Face, so come thirsty. This event begins at 5pm. May the best cup-flippers win!

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