Darin Kamnetz

I get those goosebumps every time an artist hits another with a C&D.

That’s right, despite everything coming up Travis Scott with his gold album ASTROWORLD, not all is good in the hood. Travis’ collaborator Frank Ocean has hit Travis with legal paperwork demanding his vocals be removed from the album.

It’s a very rare – to the point of absurd – means of conflict and a ridiculous extreme to ask vocals be removed from an album that’s been out for over a month, but it’s also 2018 where nothing makes sense.

Reportedly, it’s because Ocean doesn’t like how his vocals sound on the final version of “Carousel,” and Scott isn’t budging.

Now word yet on how Nicki Minaj is going to somehow find a way to make this unrelated conflict all about herself, but we all know it’s coming.

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