AP Photo/Michael Probst

This morning, residents of Boise, Idaho had a rude awakening to the sound of 100 goats causing a major ruckus in an otherwise tranquil suburban neighborhood.

Eating everything in sight, knocking down everything not bolted down, and sparking certifiable goat-based chaos, nobody knew where they were from. For roughly 90s minutes, the goats wrecked havoc until trucks from We Rent Goats appeared on the scene to usher the animals away.

While early reports indicate the goats were grazing nearby and somehow broke loose into the neighborhood (oddly mirroring the plot to The Lost World: Jurassic Park), we at Go speculate that the goats themselves were arguing Jay-Z vs. Nas, Big Pun vs. Biggie and Andre 3000 vs. Big Boi, leading to one of those G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) hip-hop squabbles where one has to start looking for back-up/other opinions from anyone nearby not in the conversation.

We’re largely basing this speculation on absolutely nothing, but will continue to update the story with further unsourced barstool hearsay, as well as local news reports, when applicable.


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