This week, on the morning show, we revealed one of us was having a baby!

That person: Me. That baby: a three-pound, six-month old long-haired chihuahua rescued from a Kentucky puppy mill by our friends at Secondhand Hounds (not a food baby or a burrito baby, as some of you so fittingly assumed) .

But, like anything on the show, it’s not just my baby, it’s OUR baby, so – naturally – I needed some help trying to come up with the perfect name for our new addition. I took suggestions from the phone lines, the text lines, our Facebook page, my Instagram page, and then I narrowed it down to three:

I thought for sure I’d fall in love with one of those three, but when I finally went to go pick up my little hamster nugget, none of those names felt quite like the perfect fit. We were back where we started. I posted another picture of her for the world to see and spent the rest of the day anxiously searching the internets for inspiration, while glancing back at her and saying the names out loud to see if she’d give me even the slightest wink or tail wag that she was on board.

I thought about my favorite people and snacks; searched through lists of famous movie characters (Gizmo), cartoon characters (Bambi), supermodels (Cindy Crawford), Broadway musicals (Roxie Hart), album titles, Mexican foods (Taco Bella), history-making women (Frida Kahlo) – at one point, I even considered just naming her Hamster or Nugget, because I just wasn’t feeling anything, and I was already calling her those!

The next morning, I stumbled across a list of famous Latinas. Frida Kahlo? Still no. Selena? No. Shakira? Love it. And Dana would really love it, but no. Salma Hayek? I’m obsessed with her, but no. Penelope Cruz? Her ears perked up. And she had this crooked smile that – call me crazy, go ahead – kinda looked like the real Penelope Cruz.

So, #GoFam, it’s official: Meet Penelope Cruz, also known as my bite-sized Reese’s peanut butter cup. I’ve already been calling her Peanut, Princess P and Sweet P (I’m sure you can help me come up with more stupid-happy nicknames). She loves cuddling and snacks, she enjoys playing with her pet dinosaur and taking long naps on the couch, her fur smells like coconuts and her toes smell like Fritos, she’s such a good girl already – and OH MY GOODNESS I JUST LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!! Thank you so much to Secondhand Hounds for rescuing us. My heart is so full and in love.

If you have any dog-parenting advice, please send it my way! It’s not my first time being a dog-mom, but it’s been years, since I’ve had a puppy in the house.

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