In addition to making your Mornings Suck Less on Go 96.3, Giselle Ugarte is a seasoned veteran of music festivals far and wide. While based in Los Angeles for almost a decade, Giselle hopped around ULTRA, became a Coachella-veteran, Electric Daisy Carnival OG, and repeat Stagecoach attendee, just to name a few. Gone with friends, gone solo. Follow her sage advice to maximize your GoFest ’18 experience this Friday

Stay hydrated. Drink at least one large bottle before, during and after.

Always eat breakfast. Never go hungry. Save money by buying snacks and meals in bulk with friends, rather than overpaying for food at the festival. Although, I will say that the Coachella poké and Stagecoach barbeque, in particular, are pretty stellar.

Wear comfortable shoes (that you wouldn’t mind never seeing ever again).

BYOTP. You never know what the circumstances of your next bathroom break might be, so pack a roll or stuff some in your pockets. You’ll need it.

Wear sunscreen. Bring sunscreen. One bad sunburn could ruin your whole weekend. 

Pick a meeting spot and stick with it. If you go with friends, don’t rely on your phones to save you. In the off chance that phone service is strong, there’s a major chance someone’s device is gonna die after a long day (bringing a battery pack wouldn’t hurt). Pick a central spot to go to, in the bummer chance you get separated from the group.

Document in moderation. You don’t need photos and videos of everything. Learn how to pose beforehand and then upload them AFTER you’ve gotten through the day or the weekend. Let yourself be fully present in the beauty that is your music festival wonderland.

Download the app. Instant access to maps, exclusives and lineups. This is a great way to navigate and plan. Chances are you won’t know every artists on the lineup, nor will you get the chance to see every one you do, so this helps you pick, choose, and sometimes even keep track of your friends.  

Pack something warm. You will get cold or wet – or both. Bring a scarf, a button-down or a sweatshirt you can tie around your waist or your bag and layer-on when that happens. This will also double as a face mask in moments of thunderstorms, sandstorms and/or gusts of weird smells.

Chafing is real – for dudes, anyway. I heard Goldbond helps. Don’t you forget it.

Don’t take drugs – from strangers. Better yet: don’t eat it or drink it, if it’s not yours. I once ran up to a friend at UMF, grabbed their water bottle and chugged it – turns out it wasn’t water and the next three hours were some of the absolute worst.

Stay hydrated. If you know you suck at this already, do yourself a favor and keep your house stocked with electrolyte-filled beverages for pre and post festival and/or go ahead and book an appointment for an IV-drip (worth every penny).

#GoodVibesOnly – You’re gonna get sweaty and dirty. You might get a little sick – or sunburned or too drunk. You’ll probably run into someone you don’t want to see. Oh, well. Shake it off. Put your phone away. Let your hair down. If you really maximize the day and leave the BS at home, it will be one of the most magical musical experiences of your life.

You’ll want to use every single one of these tips when you check out Go Fest ’18 on June 29th at Cabooze Outdoor Plaza

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