In case you missed it, I’ve decided to go on a CASH DIET.

For (at least) the month of September, I’m doing my best to create healthier spending/saving habits, by being more mindful of the dumb sh*t I spend (too much) money on. Of course, I turned to you for suggestions, some of which are shown below, and I’m definitely going to need you for accountability. Wanna join me? LFG!

The Detox

For starters, I dug into the major expenses I get billed for on a regular/monthly basis.

I transferred into a slightly smaller apartment on a lower floor, and I did all of my own moving. And, in doing so, I went through every item I own, from clothing to furniture, and made piles for what to donate (tax write-off-yay!), sell (it’s like I’m getting paid to clean, cha-ching!) or throw away (feels so good to let go!).

Bye! I’m considering cheaper alternatives, like YouTubeTV, so let me know what’s worked for you, but I haven’t had cable since April and don’t miss it. When I do have time to watch TV, I’ll gather with girlfriends, and I always watch sports with my dad.

Turns out I had the fastest (and, thus, the most expensive) plan and I didn’t even really didn’t need it. I downgraded to a slower/cheaper one and don’t even notice the difference – plus I got in on a seasonal deal for a reduced rate, just by asking for a better price!

See ya! Working out is a daily ritual for me, but having a high-tier membership at a trendy club seemed silly, when I have a gym in my apartment complex and I’m constantly taking boutique fitness classes (ALTR Army, for life). Definitely consider bulk class memberships and Groupon, if you, too, are on that studio kick.

We’re talking monthly fees for apps I barely use, newsletters that constantly tempt me to go shopping (OMG SHOES!), random memberships I forgot I even had. Unsubscribe!

The Diet

All the little things that go a LONG way, if you’re not careful.

No Eating Out
This seems to be your biggest problem, too, with food delivery and happy hour being the worst of them all. Lots of meal prep, packing snacks, making grocery lists and planning ahead will be necessary. And, yes, there will be exceptions to this, as part of my job does involve eating, so free food will absolutely be allowed, but not exploited.

No Caffeine
This, more than anything, is meant to curb my daily Diet Coke addiction, as well as our frequent visits to the coffee shop. Free coffee will be allowed, as I couldn’t get through especially long days without it.

No Alcohol
I don’t drink that much, anyway, but when I do, I think it’s a great idea to treat everyone around me with all the drinks and all the snacks (my bank account would beg to differ *face palm*). And, since I’m not drinking, I won’t need to rely on Ubers!

No Shopping
Besides groceries and the essentials. And NO COSTCO, unless I shop with a buddy. Moving out made me realize how many wholesale items I bought, thinking I was saving, but that totally went to waste. I also have dressy events every week this month, so my plan is to raid my mom’s closet or borrow from a friend.

Cash Money
All extra or unexpected cash goes straight into SAVINGS. I have a lot of side hustles and, like I said, I’m selling a lot of things I don’t need, NO TOUCHING.

Do you think we can do it? I do! Keep sending me your money-saving tips and tricks! Do you have any apps you use to create your budget and track your spending? I’m eager to learn more about those, as well! Listen to the morning show weekdays from 6-10am and follow me @GiselleUgarte for updates!

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