The new Future and Young Thug mixtape Super Slimey dropped on Friday, and was highlighted as part of Go 95.3’s New Music Friday. Every Monday, we follow up with some critical thoughts.

The hosts listened over the weekend, and the verdict’s in. All reviews are on a 1-5  scale. 

= unlistenable

= a few thrills

= above average

= one of the year’s best

= lit today, and forever

Auggie 5000 – In the internet age, it’s impossible to review music (or anything) without looking at the context of the creators. So when I look at Super Slimey I see an artist that makes prescription pill rap but doesn’t use, (“I am sober”) and only makes drug rap “Because I feel like that’s the number one thing everybody likes to talk about… It’s the number one seller.” And the other artist is a man that threatens to kill his girlfriend via social media.

Through that lens, I listened to the album. The first thing that really stands out is the beats. They really knock and that’s a testament to 808 Mafia, London, Southside and others who really put in the work. It’s standard Future stuff vocally. He raps about using and selling drugs, and also getting women. It sounds like what you would expect from him. You get a lot of the same from Young Thug. Vocally he is very interesting, and he has the standout track on the album, “Killed Before.” I really wanted more of this. It would have been interesting to hear Future on that type of soundscape with Thugger because that is where Thugger sounds the best.

Overall, there is nothing really groundbreaking here. Just what you would expect from these guys. Drug raps and misogyny. Super Slimey indeed.

Score: out of 5

DJ D.Mil – The first couple tracks listening didn’t do much for me. Then I got to “All Da Smoke,” and this track hits hard. The Offset feature stands out on “Patek Water,” which features a very melodic beat. “Real Love” is the one that’s gonna be crazy in the club at about 1:45 a.m. All I really need is a couple of the singles, but overall I would give the project another listen.

Score:   out of 5

Zeke – When I first pressed play on this, I was very excited. I joked with Auggie and Bonics that I would give this album 5 flames. After listening to a too long album, I feel cutting the four solo tracks would have made it better. I just want to hear the two of them. No solo tracks – that’s what their albums are for. The artwork is perfect.

Score:  out of 5

Chaz Kangas – First of all, it’s great to hear Future sound like he’s in higher spirits. He sounded really depressed, even by Future standards, on those last few projects. Now that Future is happy, I can be happy again too. That in mind, Super Slimey is largely exactly what I wanted from both Future and Young Thug. Future continues his dystopian party records with avant-garde vocals, and he’s the most excited about it that he’s been in five years. Thugger continues to pull melodies out of thin air, and innovates sounds all over the project, especially on the infectious solo track “Killed Before.” It’s the type of show-stealing track that almost affects further listens, keeping me thinking “Why couldn’t the whole thing sound like this?” That’s our Thugger!

Score:  out of 5

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