Here at Go 95.3 – we fight on Fridays!

Tomorrow begins our Def Jam Vendetta tournament! 10 of the Twin Cities’ top hip-hop artists compete for a fabulous prize!

Perhaps you might be asking, “what’s Def Jam Vendetta?”

Well, if you weren’t rocking a PS2 at the start of the aughts, the legend goes video game developers Electronic Arts had licensed both the AKI engine of a popular Japanese wrestling game, as well as the intellectual property of the 2003 Def Jam roster. EA decided to combine the two in a single game, giving us hip-hop’s first fighter: Def Jam Vendetta.

Boasting DMX, Method Man, Redman, Ludacris, Scarface and many more, this brawler brings all the fun of beating up Joe Budden into your living room!

In honor of the game’s 15th anniversary, tomorrow kicks off our nine-week tournament. Representatives from all corners of the Twin Cities hip-hop map, from the battle scene to Go 95.3’s #ShutUpAndRap to established headlining veterans, compete in a ten-person tournament.

Whoever gets the fastest victory in the first round advances to the finals. The remaining four will compete for those other two slots. Once we have three finalists, we go round robin style, and the first person to win twice will be the Go 95.3 Def Jam Vendetta Champion.

See you in the ring tomorrow at 9:00 AM CT!


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