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Chaz Kangas brings you all the latest and greatest from all corners of the hip-hop map, and he loves you.

But this particular Sunday is a celebration of Prince rarities and deep cuts from Chaz’s private collection!

10 p.m.
Prince – “Dream Factory”
Prince – “She’s Always in My Hair”
Prince – “Feel U Up”
Prince – “Shockadelica”
Prince – “La La La, He He Hee”
Prince – “17 Days”
Prince – “Hello”
Prince – “Erotic City”
Prince – “2Morrow”
Prince – “Pink Cashmere”
Prince – “Lovesign (Shock G’s Silky Remix)
Prince – “200 Balloons”
Prince – “Just My Imagination (Live: Small Club, 1988)”
Prince – “How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore”
Prince – “Don’t Play Me”

11 p.m.
Prince – “Hot Summer”
Prince – “Dinner with Delores (Live: ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ 1996)
Prince – “Electric Chair (Live: Saturday Night Live 1989)
Prince – “Silicon”
Prince – “Rock and Roll is Alive and it Lives in Minneapolis”
Prince – “Mutiny (Live: Arsenio 2014)
Prince – “When I Lay My Hands on You”
Prince – “Bob George”
Prince – “One of Your Tears”
Prince – “Creep (Live: 2008)”
Prince – “4 the Tearz in Your Eyes”
Prince – “Animal Kingdom”
Prince – “Another Lonely Christmas (extended B-Side version)”

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