Sophia Eris

This past Friday, I got to perform with Lizzo at Lollapalooza! It was our first time ever, not just performing at the festival, but even attending it! We hit the stage with the crowd chanting “LIZZO, LIZZO, LIZZO,” and watched as the mass of people grew bigger and bigger throughout the set.

When one is on the stage, it’s hard to live in the moment and truly understand what actually took place until you step off. I’m still thoroughly trying to process that night. What helped us understand the true impact of our performance was the Rolling Stone writeup that was posted naming our set one of the Top 3 Of the Day, alongside Tyler, The Creator and Bruno Mars. (Editor’s Note: Rolling Stone additionally lauded the set for having the “Best Body Positivity,” adding “DJ Sophia Eris also gave some serious twerk lessons and served up playful sass alongside Lizzo’s liberatingly rapped and soulfully sung lyrics.”)

Seeing my name in Rolling Stone for the first time definitely had me giddy and was one of the best texts ever to send to my Mom & Dad! All I can say is thank you to all who have supported us on this journey and we’re stronger and more focused than ever! Here’s some footage of the Lollapalooza show for you to enjoy!


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