Destini Texada, left, and Tia Jackson of Houston, Texas wear Beyonce jerseys at Coachella (Photo by Amy Harris/Invision/AP)

Go 95.3‘s own Sophia Eris was in attendance at Coachella over the weekend, not just to backup longtime collaborator Lizzo, but to witness the majesty that was Beyoncé‘s epic performance. This is her eye-witness account.


April 14, 2018 was the night that Coachella officially became Beychella. After being blown away by HAIM, (the group that I am currently on the Sister Sister Sister Tour with – DJing for Lizzo), we patiently waited for Beyoncé to take the exact same stage right after. With multiple teases and long pauses, the lights finally turned on showing a pyramid of a 100 person band draped in all yellow playing the medley of “Family Fued” following a Nefertiti-dressed Beyonce strutting her way through the stage, letting you know something legendary was about to happen.

The rest of the set turned into a complete out of body experience that led to me confirm that I will probably never experience a show this great for the rest of my life, unless it was from Beyoncé herself. I’ve never counted more mind explosions, revelations, and euphoric moments within a two hour time period in my entire existence. I get chills – and almost tear up – even thinking about it.

I can’t believe I was there.

I feel blessed forever.

What she did not only was important for her career, but for the culture. For women. For BLACK women and raising the bar in ever way possible for entertainers around the world. She made me proud to be ME and inspired me and everyone around me to be the best versions of ourselves. If you’re not a fan of Beyoncé after viewing such an example of greatness then I have no words for you at all and good luck living such a life. QUEEN & KING BEYONCE FOREVER. THE ALPHA AND OMEGA. SHE IS THE GOAT.

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