From “Black and Yellow” to “We Dem Boyz,” Wiz Khalifa’s catalog is packed with heat. 

In preparation for our fanciest Go Show yet, Go 95.3 DJs and staff members are sharing both their anticipation for Young Khalifa’s return to the City of Lakes as well as their favorite Wiz songs in hopes that he’ll perform them live.

Read on to see if any of your faves made the list. 

Excitement is in the air

DJ Bonics was Wiz Khalifa’s DJ before joining the Go 95.3 squad and he’s anxious, yet excited to represent both the Twin Cities and Taylor Gang at the Big Fancy Go Show. He said, “It means so much that I can put on for my new home here in the Twin Cities. What a start on this new journey!”

Veteran Minnesota hip-hop head and afternoon host Mr. Peter Parker mimicked Bonics excitement. “I’m looking forward to seeing Wiz touch the Twin Cities in a way he never has. This will be a gigantic yet intimate event. Wiz will be returning to a place that helped launch his career. I couldn’t be more excited,” Parker said.

Go 95.3’s top picks

To get hyped for the fast-approaching outdoor party Go staff members are bumping their favorite Wiz tracks. Here are the songs we are hoping to witness live.

Auggie 5000 

I’m a man without hope. One of my favorite Wiz songs is one that he probably doesn’t perform at his shows. It’s his breakout song, “Say Yeah.” It has such a victorious vibe to it, very reminiscent of “Luchini” by Camp Lo. He created it before he became the Taylor Gang cap, the Wiz Khalifa we know today. So I will hope, but I am doubtful.

Chaz Kangas

“See You Again” because the more my life resembles a Fast & Furious film, the better. 

DJ Advance

“In The Cut” from Kush & OJ. That was the first song I heard off Kush and OJ that made me become a real fan of Wiz.

Hollywood Hot Rod

“King of Everything…!!!”

Kush Picasso

“Mezmorized.” It’s the smoothest Wiz song ever and it reminds me of that era.

Sophia Khori

“Most of Us” is one of my most heavily played SoundCloud likes. That song never ceases to flip my mood, so I’d love to see the energy of that track come to life. 

Sunday’s show is almost here, so be sure to buy your tickets ahead of time while you still can. Vince Staples, Blackbear, Bobby Raps, Finding Novyon, Mac Irv, Gaines FM and FREEWIFI will also be sharing the stage with Taylor Gang’s captain.  

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