My wife and I are in New York City to celebrate our second anniversary. We are lucky enough to have a friend that works on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. She set us up with tickets to the show Wednesday night and the whole experience was incredible! It had been a dream of mine since I was a kid watching Letterman to see a taping of a late night show.

But the real magic happened after the taping. Our friend told us there was a “friends and family tour” of all the 30 Rock studios and asked if we would like to join. I mean, obviously.

So, we’re put in groups of five and put on elevators. At this point, we just think we’re on a 30 Rock tour that they are testing out with friends and family.

Then the elevator doors open…there’s Jimmy Fallon pulling the paper down and saying hello. I was wondering who the second person was behind the paper. I assumed it was Seth Meyers. Like I said, I thought we were just on an after hours tour.

Then Sir Paul pulled down his paper. I was in shock. My wife Heather shrieked and later proudly claimed, ‘I’m one of the millions of women who have screamed in front of a Beatle.”

So that’s how one day an elevator door opened and it was Paul F*cking McCartney on the other side.

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