JAY-Z’s 4:44 has been out less than 24 hours, but our Go DJs are ready to weigh in with their immediate reactions.

Mr. Peter Parker
“The JAY-Z album is a blessing. It’s grown-man hip-hop. It’s introspective. It’s talking about the culture but [rather than] objectively, it’s his perception of things. The production is great, No I.D. put together a soundtrack for Hov’s thoughts. And it’s cool being a JAY-Z fan because he grew-up with us.”

Auggie 5000
“I was scared we were going to get an album full of radio singles, like a glorified DJ Khaled album with this. JAY-Z really proved me wrong, and this, to me, is what Kingdom Come should have been.”

(NOTE: We at Go 95.3 would like to formally apologize for reminding you that Kingdom Come exists.)

“I was in the midst of running through the new Calvin Harris album when 4:44 dropped. I didn’t rush to check it out because Magna Carta Holy Grail eradicated any faith I had in post-Watch the Throne JAY-Z. I was wrong, and I’m ecstatic that JAY-Z remembered how to rap about other things besides his art collection! Hov!”

Kush Picasso
“LOVE the new Hov album. The sample soul beats are back, and this is an amazing new project from the G.O.A.T.”

DJ D.Mil
“Just one word: ‘FIRE.'”

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