All month long, the Modern Alternative Channel is giving you a chance to win the hottest new gadget of 2018: Amazon’s Echo Dot smart device! Hey Alexa, turn on Go 96.3!

It’s official, the future of home electronics are here in the form of Amazon’s Echo Dot, a revolutionary piece of technology that can allow you to do everything from arming your home security to looking up how many cups of sugar are in your favorite cookie recipe.

The coolest feature of these gadgets though? They enable you tune into Go 96.3 by using nothing more than the sound of your voice!

If you’d like to take a crack at winning one of these gadgets, make sure you’re tuned-in to Go 96.3 all week long, Monday-Friday. We’ll be giving away Alexa Dots between 9am-10am12pm-1pm5pm-6pm and 7pm-8pm. As always, you can check the Go 96.3 Cheat Sheet for all of your chances to win!

At some point during the hour, Alexa will tell you when to call. When you hear the signal, call-in! It’s just that easy!

Thanks to our partners at Morrie’s Auto Group for their support of our Go Go Gadget Giveaway! Morrie’s Auto Group: Happiness Matters.

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