Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to look back on the year in Minnesota Music, and celebrate this thing called “Local.” Go 96.3 knows that Minnesotans are fiercely proud of our music scene, and that’s why we do our best to feature local openers at all of our Go Shows, and local music on our airwaves with The Night Show.

Tune in tonight at 10pm to check out our Go Local Year-End Showcase, hosted by Night Show boss Jordan and Go 96.3’s Editor in Chief, Zach. These two local music obsessives compiled some of their favorite tracks from this year and beyond. Check them out below!

Yam Haus – “West Coast”

Check out Yam Haus’ interview at GoFest ’18, their win at our Go Local Battle of the Bands, and their interview with Jordan on The Night Show.

Gully Boys – “Dizzy Romantics”

Mark Mallman – “The End is Not the End”

Check out Jordan’s interview with Mark Mallman here!

Early Eyes – “Coffee”

Ness Nite – “Tightrope”

Check out Jordan’s interview with Ness Nite here!

Step Rockets – “Bad Dream” 

Last Import – “Money”

Check out Jordan’s interview with Last Import here.

Nyasia – “On or Off”

Check out Jordan’s interview with Nyasia here.

Dessa – “Good Grief”

Check out Jordan’s interview with Dessa here.

Hippo Campus – “Bambi”

Hippo Campus – “Suicide Saturday”

Check out Jordan’s interview with Hippo Campus here. You can also see our Go Backstage interview with Hippo Campus here.

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