Go 96.3 is excited to host two awesome bands at Amsterdam Bar & Hall next week for our latest Go Show. In addition to local R&B diva Nyasia, Go 96.3 is bringing the rising singer-songwriter Donna Missal to the Twin Cities! Get to know her below, and click here to enter to win tickets to our Go Show next week.

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  • Donna grew up in a musical family in New Jersey, and has been writing and performing her own original songs since she was barely a teenager, mostly just to wow her grandparents at first.
  • Donna’s father was a music industry guy who showed Donna the basics of engineering, allowing her to come record in the family’s modest home studio whenever an idea struck.
  • Don’ get it twist though, Donna didn’t get a free pass to the limelight, she spent nearly ten years grinding away, playing and bands and bartending to make ends meet, before her song “Keep Lying” broke through in 2015.
  • That song attracted the attention of Harvest Records, who helped Donna pursue her music professionally along with a handful of other supportive artists.
  • Donna’s biggest name feature is a guest vocal she performed on Macklemore’s song “Over It,” but she’s also done a lot of songwriting work behind-the-scenes for artists like Leon Bridges, as well as for shows like Netflix’s The Get Down.
  • Donna also worked with acclaimed singer-songwriter Sharon Van Etten on her brand-new debut album This Time, and the veteran musician helped guide Donna to embrace frank discussions about female relationships like the one you find in “Girl.”
  • Speaking of “Girl,” the almost didn’t make it on Donna’s debut record! According to Missal, she only decided to include it after her producer spotted a clip of the song on Donna’s instagram and encouraged her to flesh out the idea.
  • Donna identifies as bisexual, and has been staunch public supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community. She’s also a self-avowed feminist, and proudly makes music to empower women and queer-identifying folks.
  • To learn even more about Donna, check out her Go Backstage interview!
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