Go 96.3 is excited to host two awesome bands at Fine Line next week for our latest Go Show! LA surf-punks FIDLAR will headline with a little help from local garage rockers France Camp. Get to know our headliners below, and click here to enter to win tickets!

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  • FIDLAR formed in Los Angeles in 2009 and is comprised of four lovely gents: Zac Carper (Vocals/Guitar), Brandon Schwartzel (Bass/Vocals), Elvis Kuehn (Guitar/Vocals) and Max Kuehn (Drums).
  • The band’s name is a bit of West Coast skater slang that stand’s for “F*** It Dog, Life’s A Risk.” They almost named their band “F*** the Clock”!
  • Nearly every member of the band has famous parents: Max and Elvis are the sons Greg Kuehn, keyboardist for LA hardcore punk innovators T.S.O.L. Zac’s dad (JC Carper) is a renowned surfboard maker in Hawaii, where Zac crew up.
  • Zac and Elvis first met while both were working at producer Rob Schnapf’s (aka the dude who discovered Beck) studio in LA.
  • Zac (who was homeless at the time) was employed as an assistant engineer at the studio, and would secretly sleep there after locking up.
  • The two bonded over a shared love of rowdy rock’n’roll and hip-hop, and started hanging and jamming with Zac’s roommate Brandon and Elvis’ little brother Max.
  • The band started recording demos and eventually full songs at Scnapf’s studio in secret after hours and posting them to the internet with goofy DIY music videos.
  • Quickly gaining a following, FIDLAR released 3 EPs (DIYDUI, Don’t Try, and S*** We Recorded in Our Bedroom) and became notorious in the basements, garages, and dive bars of LA for debauched live shows.
  • During this era, the FIDLAR wrote some of their most well-loved early songs, including “Cheap Beer,” “No Waves,” and “Max Can’t Surf.”
  • In 2012, the band had enough buzz to land them a contract with famed indie label Mom + Pop Music, and they released their debut full-length in January of 2013.
  • FIDLAR hit the ground running and began touring like madmen around the US, playing hundreds of shows a year and generally living like there would be no tomorrow.
  • The rock’n’roll lifestyle eventually caught up to several of the band’s members, and FIDLAR was forced to slow their roll and try out therapy and sobriety, which would both prove to be major themes in their subsequent albums.
  • Speaking of which: The band followed up their debut with 2015’s Too, which featured “40oz on Repeat” and “West Coast.”
  • Too also saw FIDLAR branching out from their punk roots and embracing sounds from ’90s alt-rock and hip-hop and electronic sampling.
  • Last month, FIDLAR returned with Almost Free, produced by Ricky Reed (of Twenty One Pilots fame). Unlike in previous efforts, the band took their time working on Free, recording for the better part of two years.
  • The new features musical influences from Carper’s native Hawaii and the latino music that FIDLAR heard while writing the album in El Paso, TX.
  • FIDLAR’s known for their awesome (and frequently NSFW) music videos, which often feature celebrity cameos. Make sure to see this killer band perform live at our Go Show this Friday!
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