Go 96.3 is excited to host two awesome bands this Friday at First Avenue for our next Go Show. In addition to folk-pop duo Flora Cash, Go 96.3 is bringing the quirky indie-pop collective Superorganism to the Twin Cities!

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  • Superorganism is comprised of vocalist Orono, producer and keyboardist Emily, producer and guitarist Harry, drummer/producer Tucan, visual artist Robert Strange, and background vocalists/dancers/auxiliary players Ruby, B, and Soul.
  • The roots of Superorganism can be found in New Zealand indie rock band The Eversons, which formed in Wellington in 2011 and featured Emily (real name Mark Turner) on vocals, Harry (Christopher Young) on Guitar, Tucan (Tim Shann) on drums, and Robert Strange (Blair Everson) on bass.
  • Halfway across the world, a high school student in Maine named Orono Noguchi discovered The Eversons via YouTube, and during a trip to Japan in 2015, met the band after a show. Orono and the members of The Eversons bonded over dank memes and continued their friendship via Skype.
  • Eventually, The Eversons encouraged Orono to contribute vocals to a new project that the band had been working on, which eventually became Superorganism’s viral hit “Something For Your M.I.N.D.”
  • After finishing high school in 2017, the seventeen year-old Orono decided to officially join The Eversons’ new project, which they had dubbed “Superorganism.”
  • At this point, The Eversons also reached out to a pair of background vocalists from New Zealand (Ruby and B), and another in Korea (Soul).
  • In order to streamline their internet-based collaborations, all of Superorganism’s members (except Soul) moved to London in late 2017 to live together in a large house in East London that doubles as a recording and visual art studio.
  • “Something For Your Mind” became a viral hit thanks to artists like Frank Ocean and Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend, and it also attracted the attention of taste-making indie label Domino Records, who released Superorganism’s self-titled debut in March.
  • Superorganism takes a decidedly un-traditional approach to instrumentation, often adding sound effects from homemade instruments to their songs.
  • The band performs elaborate live shows that include costumes, performance art, and more.

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