At Go Snow Show ’17, the titans of modern alternative and hip-hop brought a cross-genre crossfire at Myth unlike any major Minnesota show this year. 

Run the Jewels, Bishop Briggs, Doomtree‘s Shredders, Mikey Mike, Welshly Arms, the Arkells, Tay the Air Nomad and Grayson DeWolfe all combined their powers for enough heat to hold us over the rest of the winter.

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Bear with us as we try to condense the evening into five takeaways.

Festive like a Festival

My longtime homegirl Izzie was in from Baltimore for the show, and pointed out how every new friend she was making asked her, “Who are you here to see?” The stacked lineup didn’t just make for a great show, but created a festival atmosphere with shared favorites and seeing new artists together for the first time.  

Spectacles made for great gifts

The performances offered some stellar visuals. There were inflatable Run the Jewels fists hanging ominously over the stage and Shredders’ hyper-kinetic LED show. Mikey Mike spun the Wheel of Misfortune, allowing a lucky(?) fan the opportunity to drink a shot out of his show. Plus #ShutUpAndRap season 2 winner Tay the Air Nomad carried a sign with his social media info, it was a night for all the senses. 

Irresistible forces met immovable objects

From the arena-esque power of Welshly Arms blowing the crowd away, to Shredders turning the stage into a human pinball machine, it was visceral commotion all night long. Battle of the Bands winner Grayson DeWolfe charmed, and those nice Canadian boys in Arkells disarmed. 

Bishop Briggs brought the bounce

After an amazing set at Fine Line a short few months ago, Bishop Briggs went big for Snow Show 17, skipping, hopping and rocking her signature one-of-a-kind show on a much grander scale. She brought us right to “The River.”

Killer Mike conceded it’s a great night in Minnesota

Finally, Run the Jewels closed the show with a swaggering bulldozer of performance. Largely drawing from their latest RTJ3, El-P and Killer Mike seemed to be having the time of their lives, celebrating that they and everyone in attendance somehow survived 2017. The cherry on top was proud Atlanta native Killer Mike conceding that the Minnesota Vikings put a hurting on the Falcons that day, but keeping it good natured by revisiting his “catch a beat running like Randy Moss” like from his 2001 star-making verse on Outkast‘s “The Whole World.”

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