Weekend of 11/14-11/15:

It’s a Pizza Party Winning Weekend on Go 96.3! Pizza is one of the few things we can all agree that is great these days, so we want to set you up with some local pizza joint gift cards so you can throw yourself a pizza party while hunkered down inside! Just listen for the keywords all weekend long and when you hear one, text it in! Each keyword is another shot at winning! Let’s Go!

Don’t forget to listen next week as we continue New Hobby November! We’ve been stuck inside all summer and now we’re about to be stuck inside all winter, so we figured we should hook you up with a new hobby! Week 1 we gave away an acoustic guitar, Week 2 we gave away a bass guitar, and next week we’re giving away a Keyboard! Just listen for the keywords at 8am, 10am, noon, 2pm, 4pm, & 6pm! When you hear the keyword, text it in to 651-989-9696!


3 thoughts on “Go 96.3 Cheat Sheet

  1. I’ve seen FOB twice on their own and have cried each time. The possibility of seeing them with two of the most iconic bands on this planet would probably make me pass out, ngl.

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