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It’s only eight days before #GoFest18 and that means the crew at Go 96.3 is gearing up to make it the best GoFest yet. With an awesome line up, headlined AWOLNATION and The Neighbourhood, the Cabooze Outdoor Plaza is going to be the place to be on June 29th. The lineup will also feature performances by Lovelytheband and L.I.F.T., plus music by the winner of Go 96.3’s latest Go Local Battle of the Bands, Yam Haus.

There is so many great things about joining the rest #GoFam at GoFest, but here are the [Out of Order] Top 9 things you should be excited for at #GoFest18 according to the Go 96.3 staff:

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1. One of the biggest reasons Dana is pumped for #GoFest18 is the timing of where it falls on the calendar. An outdoor show on the Friday night before the 4th of July? Everybody will be in great spirits and looking to party. The thing he is looking forward to most at GoFest this year is spending time with the entire Go Family.

“You probably have heard us throw that term – Go Family – around on-air and on social, but I want to define it for everyone so we are on the same page. The Go Family isn’t just the people that work at Go, the Go Family extends to everyone. Do you support Go 963? You are a member of the Go Family. You come to our events? Go Family member. We are all in this thing together and I love you all, from Ben and Giselle who I wake up with every morning, to everyone who has ever listened to our station and believes in this thing we are building.”

Dana loves a chance to have events like GoFest because it is a chance to get the Family together to celebrate everything we love: local and national music, the Twin Cities, and one another. (Direct quote: “Oh, and the beer. I was told there would be beer there”).

Lastly, he is also looking forward to seeing what Jordan wears after last year’s epic GoFest outfit blunder.

2.  Jordan is very excited to see The Neighbourhood. They haven’t been in the Twin Cities since 2015 and he has never seen them so this is like a quasi-bucket list item. Also, you can find Jordan DJ-ing between sets, he may even being playing Pussycat Dolls – “Don’t Cha.”

3. Go 96.3’s Web Editor and Weekend DJ Zach will be soaking in the whole experiences, as GoFest ’18 is the first GoFest that he’ll actually be able to attend. Despite having worked for Go for almost three years, he had to stay back in the studio and run the boards last year while the rest of the crew was out at the show. He is looking forward to seeing outdoor music in Minneapolis’ Cedar-Riverside/West Bank community, with a rich musical history stretching all the way back to the ’60s and beyond. He has been going to shows on the West Bank since he was a teenager.

4. Reed is pumped for a solid lineup at his first GoFest EVER! For his first GoFest experience, Reed is excited to get out and meet and interact with the Go listeners, most of them for the first time. Being a huge fan of all the bands, he is expecting non-stop awesomeness, the whole night long.

5. The face behind the @Go963MN accounts, Go Radio Social Media Coordinator, Laura, is looking forward to seeing all of our listeners! We have such an awesome online #GoFam relationship with our listeners, being able to see them at events (especially our biggest one of the year) is definitely a huge highlight for her. She love being able to put a face to a social media handle!

6. The newest member of the Go 96.3 on-air staff (who was also one of the first), Christy, is thrilled for #GoFest18 to be her very first OUTDOOR SHOW in the Twin Cities, because she adores the combo of summer and music. She can’t wait to meet the #GOFAM, but be warned… she’s a hugger!


7 – Ben is gearing up for GoFest, because… There are always the best alpaca wool fleeces for sale by the light rail station down the street from The Cabooze?

“I can’t wait to introduce you to my guy so we can all be pac’n these fleeces at the show!”

Ben can’t just pick one thing he’s excited about, but he’s really pumped for bands, songs, music, sunshine, Minnesota summers and you!

8 — Like Jordan, Zeke, Go Radio’s Video Production Coordinator, is looking forward to seeing the smiles on everyone’s face. He excited to see The Neighbourhood and is really hoping they play something from their mixtape #000000 & #FFFFFF (He’s probably listened to it at least a million times).

9 – Giselle is in it for the dance party and the hugs. It’s the freakin’ weekend, which means Ben, Dana & Giselle can let their hair down and not have to worry about that 4am wake up call, come Saturday morning. She wanted to make it clear, BDG don’t hide backstage like other radio stations – they want party with you! If you’re looking for Giselle, she’ll be the one mom-dancing through the Cabooze, meeting and giving out hugs to as many of you as I can.

Whether you’re an old pro in the GoFest game or a first-timer, the Go 96.3 squad is jazzed to share an amazing Friday night of music with all the #GoFam at the Cabooze Outdoor Plaza. What other reasons do you need? Get your tickets online here, or in person at The Joint Bar, Electric Fetus, Discland, Know Name Records, Down In the Valley (Golden Valley), and Mill City Sound.

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