We love hooking our #GoFam up with unforgettable experiences, and we really outdid ourselves with our recent Twenty One Pilots Here and There flyaway. Emma was our winner, and she got to fly out to Nashville to see TØP’s tour-opening show, along with the show last weekend in St. Paul. Here’s her story:

Seeing Twenty One Pilots in Nashville and St. Paul was absolutely incredible. Before the winner was announced for the contest, I attempted to set the idea of winning aside in order to not get my hopes up, but it truly never left my mind. The day I found out I won, I was so ecstatic, it was unreal. The easiest way to sum it up is to say that it was everything I’d hoped for. I brought my friend Anne and we had an amazingly smooth trip to Nashville. The concert itself was an unbelievable show, and the fact that I got to experience it for the first time with everyone else was amazing, especially being in Nashville for the first time! This band means a lot to me, they have for a while, and I believe they will forever. I am glad there’s a radio station like Go that understands that and continues to provide incredible opportunities to fans of the station and music lovers. I am forever grateful for receiving this opportunity from Go 96.3!! I’ve made memories to last a life time all thanks to this station that truly does make dreams come true.

ALL of my thanks and gratitude,
Emma Brezina

Thousands of thank-you’s to Emma for being a fantastic listener, and for sharing her awesome photos and videos from the show below!

For one last chance to see Twenty One Pilots on their Bandito Tour, click here!

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