Go 95.3‘s Chaz Kangas and Auggie 5000 celebrate what an amazing landmark year 2019 was for Minnesota music by looking back at all the top hip-hop that came out of the Twin Cities scene to take the world by storm! From longstanding legends like Atmosphere, Doomtree and Carnage to the national releases from Lizzo and Nimic Revenue to the up-and-coming superstars of Go 95.3‘s Shut Up and Rap, there was no shortage of stellar Minnesota flavor to go around! We’ve got all the biggest blockbusters here including a live performance of one of the state’s hottest posse cuts!

Take a listen to Go 95.3’s Best of Local below!

Sean Anonymous – “Hold Them Keys”
Sophia Eris – “Who’s Got the Boom?”
(Finding) Novyon – “Show Me Love”
Lizea Harper – “Cherry”
Dessa – “Fighting Fish (orchestral version)”
Shredders – “Ayeyeyeye”
Carnage – “Eat to Live”
Nyasia – “Fake Like Girls”
Atmosphere – “Bde Maka Ska”
Christopher Michael Jensen – “Give Me Somethin'”
Bo Weber – “Pump This Town”
Nimic Revenue – “Paramount”
Cashinova featuring Prof – “Skyscrapers”

Nur-D – “20 Cha”
Tylar Barry – “Make You Mine”
Mu – “Straight to the Dome”
Deja Miquel – “Motormouth”
Mac Turner – “Wayyy Older”

Just Wulf featuring 4mative, Walrus the Human, Ackronem, Tuvok the Word, AfterThought, HagenTheDragon, L-Dub & KPW – “The Cypher” (Live)
Lizzo – “Truth Hurts” (Live at the 2019 BET Awards)

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