Go Rebuilds advertising grant

‘Go Rebuilds’
Minority-Owned, Small Business Advertising Grant

Go Radio is giving away $200,000 in advertising grants to local, minority-owned businesses.

Go 95.3 – The Modern Hip Hop Channel – and Go 96.3 – The Modern Alternative Channel – are excited to launch the ‘Go Rebuilds’ program, beginning July 15th and running through December 31st, 2020.  Each radio station will award a total of ten $10,000 advertising grants. The campaign is open to all minority-owned, small businesses in the Twin Cities that have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the recent events following the death of George Floyd.

Who: Any minority-owned business in the Twin Cities with 25 or fewer full-time employees.

What: This is a $10,000 advertising grant; no cash option, alternative, exchange or transfer available within the program. Each radio station will award ten $10,000 advertising grants.

When: We’ll begin taking applications on July 15th; selected eligible businesses will be able to schedule their advertising campaign between July 15th and December 31st, 2020.

Where: Applications can be submitted via the form below at goradiomn.com – all advertising grants will air on KZGO-FM (Go 95.3) and KQGO-FM (Go 96.3).

Applications: If you own a small business that has experienced hardship or know someone that might be interested, please pass along the information.

Selection Process: All awards will be selected by the staff of Go Radio in consultation with the Go Radio Charitable Giving Steering Committee.

The entry process is quick and easy, just fill out the form below for consideration:

7 thoughts on “‘Go Rebuilds’ by giving away $200,000 in advertising grants to local, minority-owned businesses

  1. Hi, how do I change the number of employees on my application? We have many part-time people who just do a few hours, but we’re under 25 FTE. I wanted to adjust that.

    • Hi Katy, Thanks for submitting and we will make the adjustment on the backend of your application to < 25 FTE.

  2. Can I apply I have no employees but rent out rooms for hard to rent applicants. They have lost their employment and have not been able to pay rent. I’m keeping the mortgage a float from my owe pocket. In addition, repairs are needed. Would I qualify for this grant?

    • Hi Tony,

      Why don’t you go ahead and apply to be reviewed by our selection committee. While you don’t meet the criteria verbatim, we are hoping to help those in need that also help others. It wouldn’t hurt to submit. Good luck and thanks for helping your neighbors out in their time of need.

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