It’s day four of  Go 95.3’s Hip-Hop Madness and, as you’ve heard with Auggie 5000 in the morning, there’s been some more upsets!

Today saw the first match-ups from the southern division! Did you expect Childish Gambino to already be eliminated at the hands of Kevin Gates? Did you pick Rick Ross not making it out of the first round? Who could have seen 2019’s biggest breakout stars Lil Nas X and Megan Thee Stallion not going further at the hands of veteran fan favorites Lil Wayne and Travis Scott?

Well, maybe you did! How’s your bracket looking so far? Any results that particularly surprised you? Be sure to tune in Monday at 6:00 AM CT for Go 95.3‘s Auggie in the Morning to see what happens as we move on to the next round!

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