Reed’s Hot Take of The Day….I hate when people don’t use proper punctuation when texting!

It’s petty, I know. I can’t explain why I don’t like it, I just don’t. It’s like chaos. I like a good structure! I mean, it’s not hard to throw in a period or comma to split up your sentences, is it?! I don’t need a dissertation paper, just gimme a little bit of grammar. Zeke on the other hand, is a complete psychopath. ABSOLUTE CHAOS. Sometimes I feel like I need the Magna Carta to decipher what the hell he’s actually trying to say. No punctuation whatsoever. He’s also a one-word texter backer. Is that all I’m worth to you?! The next time he hits me with a “k” he might catch these fists. Kidding, violence is bad, BUT CAN WE STOP ACTING LIKE BARBARIANS AND USE A LITTLE GRAMMAR PLEASE?!

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