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Today the Amazon Studios remake of the 70s horror classic Suspiria hits theaters! Certainly one of the most frightening experiences you could have at the movies this evening, the hotly-anticipated film has a lot to live up to considering how devoted its loyal fanbase has been. That includes a tremendous amount of love the original in the hip-hop world!

The new Suspiria‘s score is handled entirely by Radiohead‘s Thom Yorke, which will follow Goblin‘s original, one of the most cherished – and sampled – horror scores of all time. The Dario Argento-directed 1977 Suspiria‘s dialogue also made it an oft-quoted and repurposed collection of soundbites for rap artists as well.

In honor of the new Suspiria hitting theaters, here’s some of our all time favorite tracks that wouldn’t be possible without Suspiria!

A$AP Mob and A$AP Rocky featuring Playboi Carti, Tyler, the Creator and Yung Gleesh

Raekwon & Ghostface – “Legal Coke”

JR Writer featuring Duke Da God – “Yea Right”

Cage – “Weather People”

Army of the Pharoahs – “Swords Drawn”


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