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We already know you have your GoFest tickets and are eager for an amazing Friday night at the Cabooze Outdoor Plaza, (if you don’t have your tickets, click here before they’re gone). Below are some surefire ways to skip the line on your way into #GoFest18.
Do you have VIP tickets?
Cha-ching. Look for the Go VIP Lane for your way in.
Do you drive an Audi?
Cha-ching again. Bring your keys and show them at the Go VIP Lane to jump the line.
Do you have a credit or debit card with Firefly Credit Union?
You guessed it, cha-ching once again. Bring your Firefly Credit Union card and ID for verification to the Go VIP Lane and you’re in. If you don’t have a Firefly Credit Union Card, make sure to check out their booth for more information. You never know when it will be your ticket in to future Go Shows.
If you possess any of the above it’s your lucky day! Make sure you find the Go VIP sign located outside the Cabooze entrance and present any of the above to get yourself into Go Fest with little to no wait. You can wave bye-bye to your friends in the main line and stake out your spot for the show!
Get your dancing shoes ready, we’ll see you at #GoFest18!

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