We’ve all been there:

The alarm goes off and the morning air

buzzes with radio right through your pillow

Your bleary eyes and wearier cries

do nothing to halt the onslaught of sunrise

You promised your crew you’d go to the fair

but what the heck are you gonna wear?

Fear not GoFam! We are here to assist

with this handy little list:

  1. Comfortable shoes. Those strappy sandals or flip-flops are going to create a nice new line in raw flesh and ouchies after fifteen miles of walking, talking, eating, meeting friends and hanging out at the midway. Which you will do.  It’s where the Go Radio booth is.
  2. Talking of nice new lines, pack the sunscreen, better still – apply it! And sunglasses.  The sun. It could happen.
  3. Rain poncho or pac-a-mac.  The rain. It will happen.  Or it might not.  But there is not enough room in the Go Radio booth (at the midway) for all of you if it does.
  4. Stretchy waistbands. This is not the time to pull on your sexy one-inch-too-small around the waist denims.  Sweet Martha’s cookies got nowhere to go in there! Get those yoga pants out.
  5. A daypack.  For carrying your sunscreen and sunglasses and sunhat and poncho and umbrella and what’s left of your cookies and that t-shirt you wore to the Fair but don’t need because you got yourself a brand-new-super-duper 2019 GO t-shirt at the Go radio booth. At the midway.

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