“God Bless Kanye West” isn’t a phrase being uttered much these days, but it is the hook to West Coast underground veteran Murs’ new single “GBKW.”

The song explores mental health from three different perspectives of the same story. You may recall Murs recently set the world record for longest consecutive rapping performance where he rhymed for over 24 hours straight, or know him for his three collaborative Felt albums with Slug of Atmosphere.

Now signed to Tech N9ne’s Strange Music, Murs is preparing for his comic book-inspired new album Captain California where the tracks will each showcase his multifaceted storytelling ability.

The project’s latest single, “GBKW,” reflects the mental health struggles of three young black men in the same narrative from three different perspectives. The tie-in to the famed Chicago rapper, who had his first public appearance since his publicized mental health issues last night for his Yeezus Season 5 premiere, can be found in the hook:

So God bless Kanye West
And every other brother of color that’s under stress
They wanna make you feel like you are less
Even though you didn’t make it, gotta deal with this mess
Hold your head, and always do your best
It’s a long race, you gotta pace your steps
And remember that you are blessed
It’s because God loves us that he puts us to the test

Captain California is released on March 10.

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