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The scenario usually goes like this:

You: “You’re not really using a matchmaker, are you? They’re just paying you to say you do, right? I mean, It can’t be that hard for you to meet people…” (in a slightly joking, but definitely judging tone)

Me: “Yup, I really joined It’s Just Lunch!

You: “I mean, does that even really work? ” (still judging, but now starting to lean in, with a more curious tone)

So, let’s set the record straight:

Yes, I have an endorsement with It’s Just Lunch, but – by invitation and choice – I really did join It’s Just Lunch. With the trust I’ve created on the air and online, I always want to be able to understand the user experience of any brands I work with, and be as hands-on as possible with all of the marketing – which is based off what I go through as an actual customer.

No, it’s not difficult for me to meet people, generally speaking, but Minneapolis, at heart, is a big small town. I feel like I’m constantly running into the same people, over and over again. I feel like with every person I meet, we have no more than two degrees of separation between exes and at least 27 mutual friends on Facebook – sound familiar?

I could still meet someone out at a bar. I’m still open to going out with someone met through a mutual friend. Bottom line: I’m open to love. And you should be, too.

Time to step outside and try something new 💛 I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I feel beautiful, strong, grateful and motivated on my own, and my heart feels open to love and ready for a partner (no rush, of course, timing is everything 😉). I really do believe you can find love absolutely anywhere, so there was no way I would turn down the opportunity to work with @itsjustlunchmidwest. My matchmakers KNOW me – my core values and my dealbreakers, my quirks and my sense of humor, even my work ethic and my workout routine. With that, they know my time is valuable and they’ll only connect me with matches they know I’ll be compatible with. They’ll even work around my impossible schedule (it doesn’t even have to be lunch, it can be happy hour or brunch, too), because they know I want someone who will enjoy life WITH me and not someone who will hold me back or slow me down. If you’re ready to meet someone new, step outside of your social circle and stop swiping (because you’re really just running into the same people over and over). Give your love life the fresh start you deserve. And if you know what it’s like to struggle to do so (we all do), leave a 😘 or some words of wisdom in the comments. You’ve got this ❤ #ItsJustLunch #IJLTwinCities #Ad

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“Does it really work?”

Relationships work when two people with shared values find one another at a time when both are ready to give and receive love to each other. It’s Just Lunch promises to introduce you to people, face-to-face. People they know are serious about relationships, and who they know you’ll be compatible with, because of the time they take to get to know you and what matters to you. With each date, they listen to feedback, encourage personal growth better get to know both who you are and who you want.

You never know where you’ll find the love of your life, but you’re not going to find that person if you’re too afraid to try something new and put yourself out there. I mean, technically, if you’re single, nothing has worked for you – and nothing will work for you, until you find “the one”. If that’s your way of thinking, know that plenty of people have found “the one” through It’s Just Lunch (they’ve been around for 27 years).

So if you’re getting burnt out from screen time and finally done trying to figure things out with your ex who sucks, give it a try. Let me know how it goes.

Click here to take a chance on love with It’s Just Lunch!

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