Well it happened; I made it to my 1 year anniversary at Go 96.3!!!! Zeke and I arrived with a 20 foot uhaul truck with a car in tow, on June 6th, 2018, and I officially started my first day at Go Radio on June 7th, 2018.  Coming back to Minneapolis was one of the best decisions I’ve made!  Before I dig into some of this past year’s highlights, you’ve gotta check the recap video of the big journey across America! He outdid himself creating this.

Just watching that video warms my heart.  I’m so glad Go 96.3 invited me back to work with the amazing Go Radio team.  This past year has been filled with so many great memories…  but here are some of the highlights!  You know what they say, pictures or it didn’t happen, and they are chronological because I am a nerd!  Xo –  Christy Taylor

June 2018

It all began with a lot of packing, and as you can tell Bubba was not pleased. He hates boxes.

We all crammed into the cabin of that Uhaul, and Bubba was having the time of his life.  Apparently he likes trucking.

The truck was empty by June 7th, 2018, so I dropped it off and headed in for my first official day back at Go 96.3. And if you’re wondering why I look tired… it’s because I was.

It felt so good reuniting with friends from the last time in lived in Minneapolis back in 2015.

Bubba made his triumphant return to downtown dogs. This was a really special moment for me as a fur parent, because this is the moment when Bubba finally felt at home. He remembered Downtown dogs from last time we lived in Minneapolis, He perked up as soon as we got out of the car. Then as we walked in the door, one of the people who worked there said, is that Bubba!?! They remembered him from back in 2015!!! They are some of the best people.

Then I was off to a radio convention in Louisville, where I reunited with Miles and he officially handed me the “mic torch.”

Once I was back in the twin cities, Dayna and I had to catch a Twins game. It’s not summer if you don’t go to a Baseball game.

Then it was time for Bubba and I to live our best life at Twin Cities Pride.  I highly recommend the target photo ops.

At Go Fest 19, I got to introduce Miles as the surprise… but the real surprise was American Authors.  Such an amazing moment!

July 2018

Those evening Summer walks along the river, were everything.

The fact that we somehow managed to push our way through the crowd and get up to the 2nd row for Greta Van Fleet, will forever be a life highlight.

You never really realize how much fun a parade is till you get to be one. This was my first of many parades with Go Radio!

Reed, Chaz, and I, got to host the main stage at the 2018 Aquatennial.  It was hands down the best fireworks display I’ve ever seen. They were synced with Go 96.3, which meant fireworks and My Chemical Romance!

Its crazy that Warped Tour won;t be touring the country anymore.  But my girl and I made sure to check out the very last one! 

Have you heard Go Shows are a party!?!  Masionair and The Knocks were my first Go Show since returning to the Twin Cities and I really thought the Knocks were gonna bring the building down!  They had the whole place shaking.

It’s not summer in Minnesota unless you get out to a lake at some point! 

August 2018

If you haven’t gone to the Uptown art fair… are you really living your best life?  Having a new excuse to wander around uptown and enjoy summer made my weekend! 

3 months into my return to MN, Bubba and I finally made it back to the Sculpture Garden!  The last time I was there was winter of 2015… and honestly I should’ve gone as soon as I got back, but I was so busy unpacking and meeting up with friends, I didn’t make time for it. So this is casual reminder to make time to go outside and look at things. 

Then Donna Missal stopped by Go 96.3. Every once in a while you are blown away by a singers vocal talent…  She has one of those voices that will send chills through your body.  Which is exactly why we had her back to play a Go Show a few months later.

For months everyone was telling me what a big deal the fair was…  I finally made it to the fair.  It totally lived up to the hype. But I do have to say Martha’s cookies are’t my thing.  Its ok if you hate me for that.  I was more of a donuts and grilled corn person.

Then after a Saturday morning at the fair, I left for Burning Man! This is an experience that really needs it’s own post.  But being unplugged in the desert was exactly what I needed. Unplugging is good for all of us, and yes, phones still take pictures even when you don’t have service.

September 2018

When FIDLAR is at First Avenue, you go to the FIDLAR show. Please add this band to your bucket list. They are way too often overlooked and that breaks my music loving heart. Trust me, FIDLAR is the GOAT.

Sometimes you’ve gotta clean up a little bit and head to Avant Garden with the Go 95.3 crew!

Then it was time for Bubba to give back. As a recue dog himself. He knew the right thing to do was to take me with him to support other Dogs in need with Secondhand hounds.

Duuude… Zeke and I met Beck. BECK!!! I’m still freaking out. ahhhh Minnesota has been so good to me!

When family comes to visit… you’ve gotta take them to Mill City Museum. this really is one of gems of the Twin Cities. Plus the context it provides really helped me as a transplant understand how this massive midwest city came to be.

October 2019

Just give me an excuse to see some fancy lights in the darkness… Pumpkinville at MN zoo was so rad. This is definitely on the to do list for fall 2019.

Right around this time I met a dude who was extra sweet and kind and seemed to understand the crazy life I lead… So I took him to the Foo Fighters show. It was one the best night of the past year of my life, and we’re still together. Now truth be told we have our ups and downs, but that’s life. He’s without a doubt the most supportive guy I’ve ever been with. I’m pretty lucky.

It wouldn’t be October without a Halloween party! Yes, I was a basic cat, because I did the lazy costume thing. But my friends were cool with it. I really got lucky to meet these women last time I lived in the cities. They are my favs.

November 2018

This was the moment I truly felt like I was officially a Minnesotan. I voted in the local elections! #GoVote… it’s important.

Yooooo… Rufus Du Sol are where it’s at. They absolutely crushed it at First Avenue. Promise me that you’ll be at their next show… better yet fly to a festival and see them. A lot of people said they were a highlight of this years coachella.

But we all know this time of year is all about family… and thanksgiving gave me a chance to go back to my adopted home, San Diego. Being an Aunt is one of the best things that has ever happened to me and look at my little sis smiling in the background. Family time is great. I wish I could see them more.

This was the crowning moment of my first year back in the Twin Cities. We (not me, the whole team + the #GoFam) Sold Out Snow 18!! But what you might not know is November 28th was also the day I was promoted and named the Program Director of Go 96.3. There aren’t a lot of women in radio who get to captain the ship, and I am so proud to say that I work for a radio company that believes in all humans equally. It’s a day I will never forget.

December 2018

If you listen to B&D in the morning than you might know that Dana’s favorite place in Up Town other than his home is Up Down. So there was no place better to have some fun off the clock, with the people who are the most fun when I’m on the clock. FYI- I did not win a single game… but I did eat a lot of Mac and Cheese Pizza. lol

When Santa is in your backyard (Loring Park), you take your fur baby to meet Santa!!! I’m not sure what Bubba asked for… like so many other kids he got pretty shy around Santa. I mean look at his body language!! But it was worth it. I think I walked through Holidazzle at least 5x in December. It’s always good to have something to do with the pup in the winter.

When you get the Go gang together to ring those red bells for the Salvation Army… everyone has a good time. Doing good feels good… so do more good! Please and thanks. Also the Dana photo bomb is CLASSIC!

Ok, I know that picture is terrible… but it’s the only group shot I have of the whole family from this past Xmas in San Diego. I don’t know if you’ve heard but family time is the best time. so be grateful if you can see you family often because I can only see mine about 4-5 a year.

January 2019

2019… The year I started yoga. I am by no means a yogi, but I find it to be peaceful and who doesn’t need a little more peace in their life. I go to yogafit, but I think you can go to any yoga class and get a little something from it.

Clearly, there were fake mustaches at our Xmas re-gifting party…. I couldn’t tell you why. But it was fun AF. I mean, everyone gets something they don’t want… this was the best way to get rid of it white elephant style. If you’ve never done a re-gifting party, you’ve got another chance coming up in December!

ummm KING PRINCESS!!! This girl has more talent than 20 year veterans. The Gen Z future is looking bright! PS- check her new song, it was a top prospect earlier this week – https://goradiomn.com/top-prospects-king-princess-cheap-queen/

If you remember anything about me other than I love music, and dogs, please remember that I LOVE the moon. I can’t really explain why, but I’ve always been obsessed with the moon. Maybe it was because as I kid I read stories of our ancestors relying on the moon to guide them at night. But regardless I love celestial events, so I made it out to bell museum to catch the Super Blood Moon Lunar eclipse. That is my photo of the moon through one of the telescopes they let us use. It’s not an amazing pic, but it’s mine and it was a moment I loved… even though it was really really cold.

The winter definitely slowed me down a little, but me and the #goFam made it out to a paint nite! Obviously mine isn’t the best painting in the group but for someone who writes like a doctor, it didn’t come out as bad as I thought it would.

February 2019

This was the moment when I ruined the majority of the group photos… the pressure of a pro photographer makes me so awkward. I’m pretty sure all of the guys were thinking, Christy get it together!

Ok, I get it everyone has walked on a lake in the Twin Cities… everybody but me. My first time was at the Luminary Lopet 2019! I missed it last time I lived here, but I had to go this time. The negative temperatures from the polar vortex were finally gone and 30 degrees felt warm in comparison. It was the best way to take advantage of an awesome night.

Go Galentines was a massive success! Sophia from Go 95.3 and I got together to throw a party for anyone who was single or really would rather do something other than the traditional valentines day. My girl Dayna captured us in the amazing Photobooth!

When your Sister and nieces live in southern California, spending a 3rd birthday at Disneyland is a must!!! Plus who doesn’t love an excuse to get the family together, especially when live in 3 different states between us. Now if you think why would you take such young kids to Disneyland, they won’t remember it, I’ll tell you that they will. Disney is a BIG DEAL when you’re a kid, especially because they live in a suspension of disbelief. My second memory in life is from when I was 3 years old and my parents took me to Disneyland. To this day when I talk about that trip my parents get scared because of how much I remember that they’ve forgotten. So being able to take my nieces to a place I have such fond Memories of was for sure a highlight of the past year!

ummmm I don’t know if you heard, but it snowed a lot in February. January was cold… but I think the snow, was the literal icing on the cake. I wouldn’t exactly say it was fun, but it was memorable and it made me really grateful that I live close to work.

March 2019

The hardest ticket to get since I’ve moved back to the Twin Cities was a ticket to this Robyn show. But thanks to my friends David and Derek, I got in and danced my face off! New Idea – bring Robyn back to Minneapolis, but set it up as a rollerskating event in the Armory. It would be the best time ever!

Someone in this photo may have had too much to drink and it wasn’t me… haha. Such a great night at the Amsterdam with Grandson and Des Rocs. Extra thanks to Mickey’s dinner, because pancakes always help with sobering up a drunk friends.

My dude’s pretty cool cause he got me the Jungle setlist! I’m a weirdo and I collect setlists and he always tries to make me happy. But more importantly, we couldn’t have asked for a better band to play First Avenue on Zeke’s birthday!

Case and point here’s the setlist I collected from Sam Fenders show in NYC on March 20th. I had to fly out to see him … I really believe he’s gonna be one of the next big stars in Alternative. My personal favorite song is play god, but all his tracks are pretty good.

Then Closing out March it was the mighty Weezer at Xcel!!! For whatever it’s worth, this iPhone shot looked a lot better on my phone. LOL… and now that I took some time to look back at March 2019, I realize the only time I braved the cold was to go to work or go to concerts. LOL… life could be worse.

April 2019

Some how my girls won the tickets to the Chainsmokers +Judah and the Lion show tied to the Final Four games in Minneapolis! It was such a blast. I have never seen better production inside the Armory, the light walls were mind blowing!

You should know that I love Ferris Wheels… As soons as I heard the Final Four was bringing a ferris wheel to downtown, I knew I had to be there! The views are always worth it.

You know those moments when you don’t feel well but you force yourself to go out and be a part of the world. This was that moment. I wasn’t gonna miss Egypt’s Sunken Cities at the MIA. There was no way a little cold was gonna stop me from seeing relics from one of the most impressive civilizations in history.

This was my favorite Foodie Friday of all time!!! Seriously, who wouldn’t love hanging out with Ben, Dana, and Zeke? Plus the food at Agra Culture is amazing!

If you want to see a good show with some amazing crowd surfing. Go to a Foals show. Also Yannis is rad AF.

May 2019

It was still cold in the beginning of May, but The 1975 made everything better. Not only did Matty do an amazing acoustic Go Show for the Go Fam. We all had the time of our lives at the show that night.

Even though it wasn’t really feeling like spring yet, going on slides with Bubba made everything a little bit better. I also dies my hair purple, which was pretty cool for the 1.5 weeks it lasted.

We’ve already established that I love the Moon. so when the Museum of the Moon arrived at Bell Museum, I HAD TO GO!!! This exhibit was so impressive. I could’ve gazed at the moon all night… which reminds me I really need to get one of those Moon lamps for my house.

Intern Kassie graduated and we couldn’t be more proud. Look for this one to be doing big things in the music industry one day. I know she’s got plans to move in LA… and I believe she will excel where others have not. Women supporting women, we can and we will.

We made it to Memorial day weekend and it FINALLY felt like summer! Bubba takes his job as lifeguard very seriously. I should’ve taken the sun more seriously… man that sunburn was bad. haha.

June 2019

I joined team No Pants in June. Summer time is the only time I have to wear all these dresses and skirts I have from living in the Southwest for about 10 years… so I will try to avoid pants as much as possible this summer. FYI- shorts are cool too.

On the left 6/6/18. On the right 6/6/19. Everything has changed for the better over the past year and I could be more grateful. The opportunity I’ve been given at go 96.3 has enhanced my life in so many ways. I’m not happy every day, but I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and I think that’s pretty perfect. Here’s to hoping life is as kind to you as it has been to me. Xo

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