So, how was your Father’s Day?

It sounds like Jay-Z may have had the absolute best Father’s Day ever. The hip-hop icon, mogul and co-creator of Beyoncé‘s children welcomed a beautiful pair of twins over the weekend. Congrats Poppa Jigga!

As if that weren’t enough, Jay officially unveiled that the mysterious 4:44 advertisements that have been popping up around New York are in promotion for his surprise forthcoming album due out on June 30, exclusively through Tidal/Sprint. This is his first album since 2013’s Magna Carta Holy Grail, which came out in a package deal with Samsung phones.

This would be more than enough to overwhelm a mortal man’s weekend, but Jay put a cherry on top by putting a hyphen back in his name! That’s right, he’s officially “Jay-Z” again!

The rumor right now is that 4:44 is a nod to President Barack Obama as the title could be read as “for forty-four,” as Obama was the 44th President of the United States. We theorize it could also be about another recent father, wrestler Daniel Bryan, who was the 44th WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

While we all hope that 4:44 is a return to form for Jay-Z, we additionally would love it if the birth of his twins convinced Coors Light to bring back this classic ad campaign.

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