Jay-Z liked the champagne of Armand de Brignac so much that he bought the company. Celebs, they’re just like us!

Hov has been the owner of Armand de Brignac since 2014 and released his first Blanc de Noirs (A1) the following year.

Surprisingly well received, the $760 bottle was named the world’s Number 1 Blanc de Noirs in Fine Champagne‘s blind taste test. But while the A1’s run was limited to just under 3,000 bottles, Jigga is making the A2 Judgment Day Assemblage Two even more scare at only 2,333 bottles… and $850 price.

Let’s compare this to the cost of other rapper-released adult beverages on the market.

For the cost of one bottle of Jay-Z’s Armand de Brignac Assemblage Two, you could get…

– 24 bottles of Snoop Dogg’s Tanqueray No. Ten “Laid Back” Gin
– 34 bottles of Diddy’s Ciroc Vodka
– 35 bottles of Ludacris’ Conjure Cognac
– 42 bottles of 50 Cent’s Effen Vodka
– 44 bottles of E-40’s Earl Stevens Collection wine

Have you tried the Armand de Brignac Assemblage Two yet? Would you say it’s more like Vol. 2..Hard Knock Life or The Blueprint 2: The Gift and the Curse?

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