Here are a few thoughts after Ken Jennings went all Holzhauer on the bit Thursday night in game three of the Jeopardy GOAT to take the lead in the best of three tournament. 

  • That was some big boy Jeopardy Thursday night by Ken. That all-in wager on Final Jeopardy in the first game was killer. He knew that body blows don’t beat Holzhauer, you need to land the knockout blows, just like Holzahuer has done to so many players in the past. This is absolutely Ken’s tournament to lose now. He just needs one more win to become the GOAT. All the pressure is on James now. 
  • Credit to James though for coming out hot in the second game. Maybe if he doubles up on that Daily Double to get to 10,000 points he could have made a run at things. But, as he said before the second game, even he knew things were effectively over.
  • A few signs of life from Brad, but he continues to struggle. Feel for the guy, not that there is any shame in losing to Ken and James. 
  • I loved the James, Ken and Brad Comedy Hour that was Final Jeopardy in the second game. Props to them for having some fun with a game that was a runaway by Ken. I said this on Twitter, but after the GOAT is done I think these three should just compete in every game/competition show. Chopped, So You Think You Can Dance?, Wheel of Fortune, Who’s Line is it Anyway, etc. Hell, throw the three of them in the Real World house. 
  • Not sure what we are all gonna do tonight without GOAT. The next episode airs on Tuesday. I like that it prolongs the tournament and gives us something to look forward to but I am now addicted and I NEED MORE DAMMIT!!!!
  • I went into this thing without having a favorite. I liked all three players a lot and seeing each win would be cool for different reasons. But now I am officially on Team Ken. The guy has been such a great ambassador for Jeopardy! for so long and to see him finally win a big tournament would be awesome. I think Ken closes it out on Tuesday. I am also firmly on Team I Want Brad to Win At Least One Match as well.

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