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James Holzhauer did some serious James Holzhauer stuff Wednesday night and evened things up at one game apiece with Ken Jennings. Here are a few thoughts after night two of the Jeopardy! GOAT

  • Well James showed just how deadly he can be when he not only finds those Daily Doubles but converts them as well. The guy is just cold-blooded. Also, James, love ya, but you weren’t fooling any of us with those squints and “taking a dump faces” you were making during the Daily Doubles. Everybody watching was well aware you knew the answer from the jump. 
  • Credit to Ken to making James earn it and take it all the way to Final Jeopardy. Lesser players would have just thrown in the buzzer and let James runaway with it. This is why these guys are the GOATs. 
  • This thing is looking increasingly likely it is James’ tournament to lose. I am not sure how long Ken can hold off the machine that is Holzhauer. We are guaranteed to get four games but I would be surprised to see if we get any more than that. 
  • Poor Brad Rutter. The dude had never lost a Jeopardy game in his life to a human and now he is having trouble getting much going. He has been absolutely correct to be going all-in on those Daily Doubles. You hope he can rally and get a little going, but the way things are going for him, compared with how hot the other two are, it is hard to see that happening. 
  • Holzhauer endeared himself to all of Minnesota by booing Green Bay last night
  • The joking around and the ball-busting has continued to be one of the highlights of the GOAT tournament. These guys seem more like a couple pals goofing around at bar trivia than they do three guys competing for a million dollars and the all-time crown in the greatest game show ever created. 
  • Reminder: Thursday’s match will be the LAST one of the week. There won’t be a match Friday night (presumably because Friday TV ratings are always down). The GOAT will return Tuesday night on ABC at 7pm CST. 
  • In case you were wondering, the purple ribbons the contestants are wearing are in support of pancreatic cancer, which of course is the battle Alex Trebek is facing right now.
  • Prediction for tonight: James stays hot and takes a two match to one lead over Ken. Hope I am wrong, but I think Brad continues to struggle tonight. 

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