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Our resident comic expert Jimmy2Times has some thoughts on which X-Men movies are the best. Let us know if you agree, and check out the Go 95.3 on Facebook for your chance to win a copy of the new book Previously on X-Men, the definitive history of the 90s X-Men animated series!

OK, here’s the thing; I think the X-Men movies are generally not that great. Growing up in the 90s, it was all about the X-Men if you were a comic book head, so it does sting a little that The Avengers (who were lame) have the much better and cooler movies now. So this list might hurt some feelings if you ride for the X-men movies but here it is:

4. Deadpool 2

The Deadpool movies are lowkey some of the best X-Men movies. This one managed to introduce X-Force, Cable and have an X-Men fan favorite villain make an appearance as well. It’s a dope follow up to the first one and does a great job with additional world building of the X-Men universe.

3. X-Men: Days of Future Past

Adapting one of the most famous X-Men stories, this one was pretty good – especially compared to Apocalypse. The cast is really strong and Fassbender is the best Magneto. The dystopian future scenes were great ,but it would’ve been cooler to have characters like Bishop, Blink and Warpath be more than cameos.

2. Deadpool

A controversial number 2 but I had to. This movie seamlessly folds itself into the X-Universe and the use of DMX’s “X Gonna Give It to Ya” is flawless and still makes me laugh out loud. Not gonna lie, this was almost number 1 but…

1. Logan

Yep. I love how light hearted the Deadpool joints are, but this legit felt like it was lifted right out of the Wolverine series I read as a kid. It was dark and disturbing at times, but I never stopped wanting to find out what was gonna happen next. It also has an ending with some real emotional weight. Shout-out to young Laura aka x-23!

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