Tonight, Joey Bada$$ comes to Roy Wilkins for a show with Logic and Big Lenbo, but their currently massive tour is only part of what Joey’s been up to these days. As if dropping his sophomore album All Amerikkkan Bada$$ and starring on USA’s hit Mr. Robot wasn’t enough, Joey’s dropping some fashion as well.

Mr. Bada$$ is embarking on a collaboration with PONY. As he told Billboard, “Honestly, it was just pure synergy, you know what I mean? You take a brand like Joey Bada$$. New York-bred, style-raised, rapper, actor, thinker, influencer, and you take a brand like PONY, which stands for product of New York, then you got two things that goes hand and hand.”

Joey Bada$$ also returned to Brooklyn for his new video “Temptation.” Being back home after a worldwide tour, the Tidal-exclusive clip gives perspective as to how much the borough is changing.

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